Fixed Price Plans

Our traditional fixed price plan, which guarantees your price will not change, saved our customers an average of $500 last year.  Remember most year’s propane prices increase in the winter time, but not with our fixed price plan!

For those who do not wish to be on a fixed price, we also offer a market price plan, where your price fluctuates with the current price of propane.   Please contact us and we will review your account and discuss your propane usage to determine which plan is right for you.


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Terms And Conditions

Terms of the agreement are for twelve months from the date of invoice and will renew automatically each year unless notice is given by either party prior to the renewal date.

We reserve the right to inspect and qualify the heating system prior to issuing a policy. Improperly installed, obsolete equipment or installations not meeting current code cannot be covered.

This plan is offered exclusively for customers who purchase 100% of their propane requirements from Blue Flame Gas Co. Cancellation of delivery service or failure to maintain a satisfactory credit status automatically terminates this policy without refund.

Not all parts are readily available for all systems. Parts obsolete or not available will not be covered under this policy.

Blue Flame will not be liable for work performed on the heating system by others, damage due to acts of God, unexpected mechanical failures, power outage, floods, fires, abuse, neglect or any cause beyond our control.

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